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Creating Positive Customer Relationships

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GSS delivers relationship management solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and leveraging the expertise gained by completing over 25 CRM implementations.

Our CRM solutions allow our clients to develop longer and more profitable relationships with their clients by helping to manage and track all of their customer facing interactions. This means that customer data is treated as a valuable asset, and better customer service is delivered.

Beyond this, with a CRM solution from GSS you could also be:

  • Managing effective marketing campaigns which can be run proactively and give results that can be measured to assess ROI
  • Shortening your sales cycle with more efficient sales processes and sales management tools
  • Using a single customer view across the whole organisation
  • Delivering better customer service because you will know more about your customers
  • Leveraging better relationships with your business partners with clearer channels of communication and greater visibility for both you and your partners to see what is happening
  • Supporting your mobile sales force to give them the information that they need when they need it without them having to call "back to base"
  • Better managing your sales opportunities so that you have a clear idea of your sales team's pipeline and can accurately forecast sales performance

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Redefine relationship management with a complete, affordable CRM solution from GSS for driving measurable improvments across all customer management processes.