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Security for your Network

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The threats from hackers and malicious code to your organisation's network are many and varied. However, the effects of not being well protected fall into three main categories:

  • Data Loss and Corruption

      What would be the cost to your business if your customer database or

        accounts records were lost?

  • Reduced Productivity

      What is the cost to your business of your staff receiving distracting or even

        offensive SPAM emails at work?

  • System Shut Down

      What would be the cost to your business of your network being unavailable for an

        hour, a day, a week…?

Attacks on your network are a daily occurrence and, regardless of your organisation’s size or function, just one successful attack can be devastating.

GSS designs network security solutions to protect against unauthorised or malicious activity, detect breaches in network security and address any vulnerability that could leave your network exposed.

By providing a solution that is easy to use, comprehensive and effective we can ensure that your network and corporate information are protected.



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