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Software Licensing for your Organisation

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Volume Licensing offers your organisation a cost-effective and efficient way to have multiple licenses of a software solution.

While all major software vendors offer volume licensing schemes they are all different. Add to this the complexity of different licenses expiring at different times and you have a situation that needs to be managed effectively so that your organisation doesn’t become non-compliant without realising it.

Our Software License Management Service

Arranging your volume licensing through GSS offers you the following benefits:

  • You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will manage your licenses
  • We will let you know in good time when your licenses are coming up for renewal
  • Your Account Manager can arrange a straight renewal of your licenses if your needs have not changed.
  • If your needs have changed, we can go through all of your options with you to arrange the best new solution for your organisation.

Managing your own software licenses can consume the resources of your organisation and the legal implications of operating with non-licensed software are well known.

So, to take the pain out of software licensing, let GSS manage it for you.



LANDesk(R) Software



Licensing for many other vendors is available

- call GSS for details